2 October 2013

Vehicles of Marvel

With Lego recently unveiling a select few vehicles for the upcoming 'Lego Marvel SuperHeroes' game I thought it'd be fun to delve a little deeper, discover the origins of a few of the vehicles then discuss other potential vehicles that may be announced.

First up we have the merc with a mouth on his scooter. Originally from the comics, Deadpool claimed Rhino smashed his car up which is why he is using it. Also in the below image you can see a billboard of Tony Stark next to a car, this hasn't been announced but would be great of that was included as a drivable vehicle

The Fantasti-Car has been through various iterations, Lego have plucked the Fantasti-Car MK II. This vehicle has the special ability to detach each segment from each other and fly independently, whether or not the Lego version is capable of the same remains to be seen.

I found the next one pretty difficult to track down perfectly, titled the 'X-Jet' the description reads that Professor X acquired the jet from S.H.I.E.L.D. I can only assume it is loosely based on this blackbird, the shape of it seems correct but the scale is way off

Now for a nice obscure one, the Magneto Mobile. When i first saw this i thought it was made up, but alas, it is from an old Fantastic Four cartoon from 1978 titled 'The Menace of Magneto', the vehicle is powered by Magneto's ability to manipulate metal and as such, can fly wherever he desires:

A couple other vehicles were announced, including the Spider-copter and the Green Goblin Pumpkin Chopper, both of which I believe to be brand new vehicles not seen before.

So what other vehicles do you think will be in the game? Lego have already made numerous sets based on marvel characters that they are yet to announce that are in the game such as the Captain america bike, the Nick Fury SHIELD flying car or even the Mandarin Armoured Car.

Personally I'd love to see them add a vehicle with a unique ability like the Spider-Mobile which can drive up walls. I think the Quinjet is likely to make an appearance and I can imagine that they may even make a level on the Helicarrier. What are your thoughts, what should make the cut?

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