5 December 2013

The ASM2 Spoilers and Speculations


With the very fresh release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer we are going to have a look at what was seen in the footage and with that speculate what we might be witnessing when the movie is released in May.

Lets start off by looking at the villains...

Its obvious from the trailer Oscorp are playing a major role in the development of all of these villains and villains to come. In the trailer we see the man in the hat from the end credits of the first film walking past containers which seem to be storing mechanical wings (Vulture) and robotic arms (Doc Ock). There has been official images posted on the net of Spencer Smythe's Robotics Laboratory, could he be involved with the creation of these and also the Rhino suit.
Coming back to the man in the hat, could he be 'The Gentleman'? The Gentleman was a Spider-Man villain originating in the novel 'Spider-Man: The Gathering of the Sinister Six'. In the story, the incredibly wealthy manipulator –involved in the mysterious death of Peter Parker’s parents – formed the Sinister Six.

Also in the trailer we see computer files listing Venom Symbiote, Dr Morbius, Dr Connors, Ravencroft and Eel lab and more. Ravencroft is where some of Spider-Mans deadliest and craziest enemies are locked away and we know that Ravencroft will be a setting in the film. We also see the file 'Venom symbiote', Marc Webb tweeted a picture of the Venom locker some months ago could this just be an Easter egg for the fans as a hint for future Venom appearance.

Another big thing to touch upon is Harry Osborn possibly being the first Green Goblin. In every other film and comic Harry has been the second Goblin to avenge the death of his dad Norman the first Green Goblin. This is sure to cause major controversy with some of the more hardcore Marvel and Spidey fans. Again the suit he is wearing seems to be very mechanized could this be Smythe at work again? We also see him going through what seems a very painful transformation, could this be the genetic alteration?

Another major scene in the trailer is the Goblin/Spidey fight scene which seems to be set in a clock tower. From the footage we know that Gwen is also there. In the scene we can see Spider-Man shooting a web down which looks as if hes trying to catch something or someone from falling. Now what caught our eye was Gwen Stacy's clothing. Here's a few images, as you can see she is clearly wearing a very similar outfit that Gwen was wearing when she died in the Amazing Spider-Man comics by falling to her death by the hands of the Green Goblin.

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