29 September 2013

Comics Weekly Sep 29th - Oct 5th

Hi there comic fans. Payne here again, bringing you another weekly round up of Marvels comics.
Whether it's new releases or the next installment of your favourite super hero, I'll be bringing you the latest list straight from Marvel.

Not many out this week but enough to keep you all busy. How's everyone finding the Infinity series so far? I for one am enjoying every moment and can't wait for next week when issue #4 is out. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think and get your friends involved as well by spreading the word.

Here's this week's releases:

Captain America: Living Legend #1
Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1
Fantomex Max #1
All-New X-Men Special #1
Thor & the Mighty Avengers #1
Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble #1
Infinity: The Hunt #2
Mighty Avengers #2
Hunger #3
Daredevil: Dark Nights #5
Savage Wolverine #9
Iron Man #16
Thunderbolts #16
All-New X-Men #17


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