30 September 2013

Marvel at Halloween

Its nearly halloween and for all you Marvelites here are a few tricks and treats for you to try.

Here are a few Pumpkin stencils. Just click on the picture to download them for free.

George Romero is writing a story arc for Marvel coming out on Halloween so keep your eyes peeled for this, here's the teaser poster.

Also last year Marvel released a one shot called Marvel Zombies Halloween.
"Marvel Zombies Halloween" #1 by Fred Van Lente and Alessandro Vitti is a one-shot that brings heart to the plight of a mother and her son left alone in the world of superheroes turned undead flesh eaters. While this story utilizes some of the Marvel players, it's really just the fond tale of a mother and son that brims with love for the eponymous holiday. In the end, not all characters are who they appear and we realise the core of this tale is tightly tied to the Marvel Universe.

If you are dressing up this year or are going to try your hand at one of the pumpkin stencils or make your own then please let us know and we will pick our top 10

Happy Halloween


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