10 January 2014

Marvel’s Mightiest hero

Have you ever thought about what exactly makes a great hero? Is it the powers? there personality? their bad-assery? every person has there favourite hero for any numerous different reasons that are personal to them so please feel free to discuss below in the comments what makes your favourite hero the best.

Here at Marvel Intel we believe that hero is ol' web head himself Spider-Man and here's why... as a high school underdog Peter Parker was constantly bullied, a lot of us even had our very own Flash Thompson to deal with. He also came from a broken home, finding himself living with his Aunt and Uncle and at the very brink of becoming Spider-Man, Peter lost his Uncle Ben due to his own carelessness, the start of this story could quite easily be the origin of a villain. What makes Peter great is how he overcame such difficult hurdles, making him so much more relatable than other heroes out there, like many of us he quite easily makes mistakes.

Lets talk about powers for a moment, often heroes are granted ridiculous powers ranging from super strength, flight, laser vision, all in all great powers to have but Spidey's are much more unique. Spider-man's powers aren't too eccentric that he often has to find clever ways around using them. He has the proportionate strength of a spider, can climb walls, and a spider sense warning him of danger, on paper there are plenty of heroes with stronger abilities to fight evil, but this keeps Spider-man fighting crime that the everyday man encounters, making him the peoples hero.

Peter Parker is a scientific genius, its what leads to him having webs to swing from, his brain is probably his greatest asset, but not technically a super power, he thinks of clever ways to overcome stronger adversaries, all the time entertaining us with his witty remarks, taunting the foe he may be fighting (even if it is often just a front) which makes it look like he's having fun being New York's wall crawling menace.

Even though he wears a mask and is considered a vigilante, his style of detaining bad guys is quite within the law, he nearly always pulls his punches so not to injure the bad guy, rescues any citizens and then leaves the criminals webbed up for the police to deal with. Now, just for a second imagine what the Punisher or Wolverine would do in a similar situation.

Spider-Man is Marvels poster boy and a fan favorite on the pages of his comics but is under constant scrutiny in the comic world as well as the real world. This keeps the writers and Spider-Man on their toes creating powerful story lines and memorable moments.

Finally what would a hero be without a good suit? Style wise, Spider-man has the best suit. You find someone that disagrees and i'll show you a liar.

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