18 January 2014

Peter Parker to return, but how?

After the great response from our post about Agent Coulson and how he cheated death we thought we
would have a look now at Peter Parker, and try to bring you some theories on how he will do the same.
It was announced that Peter Parker will be returning in the all new Amazing Spider-Man #1 in April 2014.
That means Otto's run as Spider-Man will be coming to an end, The question is how will Peter do it, how will he defeat Otto and take back control of his body? When asked how will Peter Parker return? Dan Slott said, "In a strange and terrifying way. And... possibly... at a very great cost. Remember, nothing is ever easy for Peter Parker. It's one of the reasons he's a true hero,"


These are my top 2 theories.

1.Brain Waves
After Venom attached itself to Superior Spider-Man the symboite started repairing and healing the
body and the brain giving what people have been calling "ghost Peter" a chance to fight back. In SSM #9 Otto says " He's brain patterns are still hidden under mine " meaning Otto did not swap brains with Pete but just covered Pete's Brain waves and Brain patterns with hes own. Back in SSM #9 Otto seemed to of deleted/removed Peter completely but maybe he had just blocked or silenced Pete's brain waves and brain patterns, but in SSM #25 when the Symbiote took over it healed or removed the block that was keeping Peter dormant. When the symbiote goes back to flash he reads the memories of the symbiote and says " Its like two radio stations on one frequency, could he be referring to the brain waves of both Otto and Parker? Still confused then watch the clip below of Dan Slott explaining "ghost Peter"

2.Peter Parker is the Green Goblin
The image to the right is the first apperance of the Green Goblin in the superior Spider-Man could this actually be Peter Parker talking about Otto? He says "there's someone to keep you SAFE" which is not normally in a villains job role also Dan Slott has repeatedly stated that we don't know "who" is underneath that mask. He said similar things when teasing the identity of the Superior Spider-Man.Norman Osborn's vegetated body disappeared in Amazing Spider-Man #697, Could the Gold spiderbot of found and transferred Parker into Osborn's body?Lets not forget that Goblin kidnapped Otto's dead body, Could we be looking at a three way brain swop? Far fetched I know but a theory non the less.

Tony Stark has learnt that the tests they done on Spider-Man have been erased along with all video footage, apart from one secret piece of footage only Stark knew about. Could Stark uncover the truth and call upon the Avengers or maybe even Reed Richards and bring Parker back using SCIENCE.

Maybe Doctor Strange will make an appearance and revert everything back to normal with MAGIC or some kind of creepy spider ability,if you remember back to ASM #527 he was brought back from the dead after hatching out of a cocoon, and lets not forget they could always go down the CLONE road again.

There's also Miguel O'Hara to consider. Hes from the future could he really be here to stop the Superior Spider-Man, could he have knowledge of whats really going on? Maybe Otto finds our that Miguel O'Hara is Spider-Man 2099 and Jumps in to Miguel's body as he believes its superior than Parker's body and to learn of  the future and all the scientific and technological enhancements that have been made, leaving Parker to take back control of his own body.

This is all of course just speculation but that's the fun part, trying to figure things out trying to make pieces of the puzzle fit, even if it consists of ramming them together and hammering them in.
We would love to hear what you guys think about this and if you have your own ideas on how he will do it then please use the comment box below to let us know.


  1. Good theories, but there is also the point that we should remember. Otto's dead body was missing from he's grave.

  2. "they could always go down the CLONE road again." why again ? are you refering to clone saga ?

  3. "Could... of" *shudders*.

  4. I would go with first theory but also mixed with Otto's dead body. I think that ghost Peter will take control for some time and He will tell green goblin the truth about body-swap etc. And goblin will then revive Otto's dead body and completly finish the transfer , to fight he's true enemy not Dr.octopus. Or maybe Dr.Strange will find Otto's dead body and do something with magic.

  5. Actually, you see Peter return in Superior 19. Crawling from the rubble after Otto releases him by digging to deep into Peter's memories.

  6. I hope he doesn't come back, I hope otto keeps on being spidey, I loved all the peter parker comics and this feels like a new comic, I like the darker slightly psychotic spider-man.