11 September 2013

Inhumans vs X-Men

Brian Michael Bendis has today teased how the future events involving the Inhumans will affect the X-Men. The events unfolding in the current INFINITY story line will mark a major change for the Inhumans but the question on everyones mind is how will this impact the current super powered inhabitants of the Marvel universe, Mutants?
Bendis is set to answer this question this December in UNCANNY X-MEN.

"This is the number one question people have been asking since they heard about Inhumanity and the rise of the Inhumans," says the writer in regard to how mutants in general and the X-Men in specific will be affected. "What is the difference between mutants and Inhumans? How will they coexist? What will their relationship be? We will be answering these questions immediately."

"The shocking conclusion to Battle of the Atom--no spoilers here--rearranges the players of the mutant
Marvel Universe a great many ways," Bendis teases. "This is just one of them."

Bendis promises a unique reaction to the situation by the X-Men based on their own past experiences:
"The mutant leaders have a very specific agenda for the mutants and for the Inhumans. They also have a large compassion and understanding for what is about to happen to the Inhumans across the Marvel Universe."

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  1. Theres only space for one Mutant race. Hello Inhumans goodbye X-men