17 September 2013

Standalone Phase 3 films

There has been a lot of speculation about which Marvel characters will get their very own Standalone film.

It was reported a few months back that several Marvel movie properties had finally reverted back to Marvel Studios ,Daredevil, the Punisher, Ghost Rider and Blade, so could these have a reboot. Apart from Blade none of these done very well the first time but comic fans will know that these characters if did right could make a great movie. 

We know that Marvel are looking for characters to fill spaces in phase 3  and will be looking at the more magical aspect of the Marvel Universe  also they have mentioned a main female role.

With the emphasis on magic, strong ties have been given to Dr Strange and the female role to Ms Marvel
Other strong characters in for the running are Black Panther, Luke Cage and the Inhumans.

Which one would you most like to see? 
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