16 September 2013

Wolverine becomes Killable

Wolverine can now be killed in the latest run of the WOLVERINE comics named simply Killable.

 WOLVERINE a.k.a Logan has been stripped  of his ability to heal and regenerate at rapid speeds. Without his healing factor, Logan is Killable.
So far, Batroc the Leaper and the shape-shifting Mystique have made moves against the claw-popping hero. An already deadly situation will get even worse for Logan, as he and Kitty Pryde find out when they head to the old Howlett estate in next month's WOLVERINE #10.

Does the healing factor make Wolverine the fighter he is? Knowing you can not die must give you the confidence and edge in any fight or situation, I know it would for me.

Will we see a new Logan, a more careful and cunning fighter, or will he just accept the fact and jump in claws first.

Either way with all the villains knowing he is Killable Wolverine is up against it.
Will Logan survive?


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