20 November 2013

Wolverine's Iconic Suit revealed

With the release of the new Wolverine film on to DVD and Blu-ray comes deleted scenes and extra footage. The most talked about extra scene from the film is where Logan opens a briefcase to reveal the Brown and orange suit. (check the pic below) Could this mean we will finally see Logan in an original wolverine costume in upcoming Wolverine and X-men films or is this merely just a little easter egg for the Marvel fans.

Would you like to see Wolverine don the suit or do you think it might cheapen the films in this day and age?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I always think X-Mne works on film best when they're being as realistic as they can be. I stick up for the original black leather costumes and even the First Class suits were in context and had a design approach to them.

    I never liked the Orange/Brown/Red look. I think if they did this suit in Yellow and Black, gave him a reason to wear it (something tied into the Japanese aspect as Yukio gave it him) and if it made a small cameo in his third outing, that'd be a great fan service.

    Simon in London.