3 January 2014

All Hail the King, A New Loki Short?

Thor: The Dark World Blu Ray edition has had all of its features leaked. The big stand out on the list was a 13 minute feature titled: "All Hail The King - A Marvel One-Shot". This is ripe for speculation about what it could be, perhaps this is indeed the Ben Kingsley/Mandarin One-Shot reported about a few months ago, the more likely option is that its based around the Thor film it is occupying, with the most likely option being a Loki short.

Loki is clearly very popular with fans and for Marvel it makes perfect sense expanding the characters story where possible. If you've seen the film you'll know the ending has a bit of a loose end with Loki that would be agony to wait for Thor 3 to see how it is resolved.

Other cool features on the Blu-Ray include an exclusive look at the new Captain America film, and plenty of extended/deleted scenes, one I'm most excited about was my favourite scene titled "Loki - The First Avenger"

The full list of features can be seen over at Bleeding Cool.


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